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All Natural Magnesium Pain Relief

Transdermal Magnesium Care

A commonly overlooked yet vital nutrient, magnesium is crucial for healthy bones as it makes up part of the skeleton’s framework. Its presence in every one of our body’s cells is essential, as it’s responsible for over 300 different actions in the body.

Our need for magnesium has never been so great, as a magnesium-rich body will be stronger, more flexible and better able to resist both physical and emotional stress. Modern diet and pressured lifestyles have made magnesium a drastically less abundant mineral in our bodies, with levels significantly lower than anything experienced before.

Magnesium is an important nutrient that works to support

  • Relaxation and sleep quality
  • Relief from muscle tension and muscle spasms
  • General wellness
  • Reduction in tiredness and fatigue
  • Exercise and sports performance
  • Growing pains
  • Reduce swelling
  • Sleeplessness
  • Growing mommy aches and pains

Boosting magnesium levels with supplements ensures you maintain a healthy, balanced body—however, traditional forms of magnesium supplementation can prove inconsistent in delivering active levels of magnesium into the body.

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