Meet Our Girls

With all of our dairy goats; we share the milk with their growing kids for the first 2 to 3 months...until mom give the indications that she is no longer interested in feeding her kid(s) any longer..mostly pushing away. 
In the mean time, we are working with the kids to make sure they are learning to play well with the other family members, eating well and can easily transition to grains and hay.

Daisy Goat - OFP Farms

Daisy is our pure bred Nubian Dairy Goat. She can provide us almost a gallon a day at her peak. She is 3 years old and has the gentlest soul but has a tendency to be a little bossy. Ha! We love Miss Daisy Mae and we looking foward to more kids in February 2019


Mika Goat - OFP Farms

Mika is our purebred Toggenburg Dairy Goat. Mika has generously provided to us 1/2 gallon a day at her peak.

She gave two more Toggenburg girls; Sierra and Sonora June. One became our bottle baby and therefore Sonora is really close to us and in turn her sister likes to lay our laps when we feed Sonora..

 Penelope Goat - OFP Farms

Penelope is our future milk provider. Penelope is mostly Nubian with a tad of Boer. Her size is petite but she has the indications of being a good milk provider to us next soon.

 OFP Farms

Sonora June is one of our future milkers. We look foward to breeding her next and having more sweet girls like her.