Meet The Farmers

Me And My Farmer -OFP FarmsMy Farmer and I began our journey 8 years ago. I was a full time employee at our local Hospice in the town we formerly lived. My husband was co-owner of an auto electric shop and honestly the "city" life was just not our cup of tea any longer. We decided we needed chickens on our 1/3 acre parcel which was tiny piece of the city that was considered county and allowed to have "farm" animals.       Our 3 chickens quickly doubled and tripled.   Then, we decided...we need more land!!! Why? Because all the big ideas he and I had could no longer be confined to the 1/3 acre the Lord had blessed us with for the 3 years where we really grew in our dreams and ultimately headed up the mountain to our 7 Blessed Acres.                       Lula, Rosemary and Ginger-Snap were our first out door goat family members. Cory and I were very green in our efforts. I was not exaclty clear about the goat milk process but quickly learned. The 3 girls were all percentage Nubian so the milk was there but not to the degree that we needed to create production amounts of goat milk products. Ultimately, we brought in full blooded show quality Nubian and Toggenburg goats and boy oh boy did our daily milk supply increase exponentially! We love every one of our girls and I am always excited at kidding season. This is the season where I have been known to sleep in stalls with my girls and just 'be there' for them. These are also the years where I learned to become a true farmer's wife! I had no idea the work that was involved in running and managing a farm with a growing herd of outdoor family members. Farming is definately NOT for the faint of heart and as much as there is happiness; we also deal with grief and anxiety at times. In all, my farmer and I are happier than we have ever been. We have been married 20 plus years and look forward to many, many, many more years of victories, losses and whatever life will bring our way.

We were both born to be farmers and to work with our hands and we take that blessing and talent as a blessing from above. Who knows where our journey will take us in the next seasons of our lives but through it all we each others biggest cheer leaders, biggest fans, and look forward to bigger dreams coming true.

Stay Tuned..

 LOVE, Polly and Farmer Cory