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SMACK PACK - Hard Soda Shoppe

4 Lucious Goat Kisses Smack Pack is one the best way to collect four of the best goat smacks.

We have chosen 4 yummy flavors added them to one goat-tastic box.
Made with premium quality ingredients like vitamin E, jojoba, dehydrated goat milk and all natural bees wax.
Providing natural moisture and locking in healthy goodness for your smacker.
Does not leave a waxy residue.

- Watermelon Crawl, Lip Balm

If you drink, don't drive, use your Watermelon Crawl Goat Kisses! Fresh, juicy watermelon flavor

- Pina Colada, Lip Balm

If you like pina coladas, you know you'll love this flavor. Rain or shine!

- Strawberry Wine, Lip Balm

Taste of love, our strawberry wine is sweet. Aged on the vine, like nothing you've ever tasted

- Lemon Mojito, Lip Balm

Zest of lemon, cool of mint, your best friend and new favorite, if it isn't already

After all, who wouldn't love being kissed by a goat?!

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Jojoba Oil, Cocoa Butter, Dehydrated Goat Milk, Vitamin E Oil, All Natural Flavoring, All Natural Coloring

Net wt. .15 oz each

This is not a vegan product as it contains beeswax.

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