Meet The OFP Family

       Denise Wilson, Founder, CEO, Creator, Designer, Farm Wife, Goat Mom and am the CEO, Creator, and Goat Mom
I am the owner of OFP-Farms. I am passionate about raising our goats and providing all natural products from a loving goat farm.

Raising children and a host of animals in my lifetime; I chose to look for for alternative approaches to health care. I can remember speaking to my husband in our early years of marriage about how in the world the original farmers approached health care. I began to research as much as I could; buying every book I could get my hands on. (this was before having the internet so readily available).

I began to make my own products and the more I made the more I learned what to do and not to do...and also Goat's Milk and it's amazing benefits to our skin; it was almost a no-brainer.

I am so thankful for the knowledge I gained and now able to pass on to you and your families. I appreciate every one of our amazing customers and all the incredible feedback you give us.

Cory Wilson, Co-Founder, Farmer, Event Assistant, Think Tank 
My dear husband Cory is the Co-Owner of Old Fashioned Polly/OFP Farms. He truly is the balance around this place. Being the level-headed person he is; he has been able to talk sense into my head when my ideas start getting a little Grand-dios. He paces me and reinforces.."One step at time"..that is his favorite thing to say to me..Ha.

He does help me as much as he can..considering he works full time and commutes. He is the person I bounce all of my ideas off of..because of his honesty. Now..sometimes his honesty can sting a bit but I usually find out pretty quickly he was right. =/

Cory truly is my very best friend. He is the absolute most treasured person in my life. He has seen me at my worst and praised me in the victories. Always supporting me in whatever hair-brained idea I have come up with. 

Cory is my greatest blessing and I daily thank The Lord for giving me such a loving, kind and honest soul mate who I am more than happy to share any adventure with. 

Kaetlyn Aguirre, Designer, Event Assistant, Website Assistant, Farm Caregiver and Think Tank

Kaety is the perfection behind all the graphics you see on Old Fashioned Polly's products and website. She has worked with me in several different aspects of the business...from graphic design to taking care of our goats while we are away. She also goes through each and every listing on the website ensuring grammer and spelling accuracy. She is a true visionary and has the incredible ablity to look and understand the ideas that are stuck in my head and hard for me to describe. On top of her being the artist for OFP, Kaety has her own little side business where she will do the occasional personlized art piece for the folks who really desire that personal touch. 

Kaety does work a full time job aside from all the art work she does and lives in Sacramento. Aside from her being such an amazing artist; Kaety has become my right hand in so many areas.

Kim Goldsberry, Event Assistant, Think Tank 

Kim is a mother and 4 adult kids and grandmother to 6 but you would never know it. She's  truly young at heart and has the truly giving spirit that never stops loving. Kim is my event assistant in the south county areas and does a great job of sharing all of our posts, bragging us up and supporting our product line whole-heartedly.