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Goat Kisses(TM), Smack Pack, 4 Lip Balms, Soda Shoppe Collection

Goat Kisses(TM), Smack Pack, 4 Lip Balms, Soda Shoppe Collection

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Lip Balm - Pack of 4


Sitting and chatting at a booth table across from your bestie, you've just received a freshly tapped glass of soda pop over ice. You are giddy with excitement, feeling the bubbly rush of that ice cold sticky, sweet goodness as it makes its way through your straw. Suddenly you're revived as that sugar-high takes you to a whole other level! These four scrumptious flavors of Goat Kisses(TM) Lip Balm will ignite your thirst for more with every application. 

We have chosen 4 yummy flavors and added them to one goat-tastic box!
Made with premium quality ingredients like vitamin E, jojoba, dehydrated goat milk and all natural bees wax.
Providing natural moisture and locking in healthy goodness for your smacker.
Does not leave a waxy residue.

Vanilla Cream Soda, Lip Balm
Who doesn't love an ice cold, bubbly vanilla cream soda? Perfectly sweet and refreshing.

Root Beer Float, Lip Balm
Like a step back in time and visit to the soda shoppe. Sweet root beer and vanilla will become your favorite goat kiss yet

Sparkling Grape Soda, Lip Balm
A tasty fizzle of grape soda at your cousin's summertime birthday party, running wild on that sugar-high! YUM 

Orange Cream Soda, Lip Balm
We all had that favorite place in the mall that had that orange drink..right?

After all, who wouldn't love being kissed by a goat?!

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Jojoba Oil, Cocoa Butter, Dehydrated Goat Milk, Vitamin E Oil, All Natural Flavoring, All Natural Coloring

4 balms | NET WT 0.15oz/4.25g ea. | TOTAL NET WT 0.6oz/17g

This is not a vegan product as it contains beeswax.


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