Facial Serum, Embrace

Facial Serum, Embrace

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An essential daily treatment for the face and under eye area, this serum is a blend of carefully chosen natural oils extracted from the of carrot seed, rosehip and jojoba, plus evening primrose. These four oils work together to create a penetrating treatment that hydrates skin without an oily finish, and is gentle enough to work well for a wide spectrum of skin types. The natural scent of this oil opens with the floral notes of geranium, rose, and lavender.
To use, treat face twice daily, applying 4-6 drops to palm and dab onto face with opposing fingers, massaging gently into skin. When used as suggested, one bottle of facial serum will last 2-3 months.

- Carrot Seet Oil; penetrating oil with balanced Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids
- Argon Oil: 
- Rosehip Fruit Oil: Fights wrinkles & evens skin tone
- Avocado Oil: Olive isolate improves skin elasticity & cell regeneration
- Jojoba Oil: Penetrating; high in vitamin E which reduces free radicals
- Evening Primrose: 
- Rose Essential Oil: Aids in refining skin tone, and contains anti-inflammatory compounds
- Frankincense Essential Oil: Soothing oil & anti-inflammatory, helping regulate skin tone
- Lavender Essential Oil: 
- Geranium Oil: 
- Tea Tree Essential Oil: Anti-bacterial & aids in regulating oil production

For best results, store treatment oil at room temperature out of direct sunlight


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Gracefully aging

I'm in my 50's and we women need a little extra help with wrinkles at my age. So, I'm trying my first bottle of your facial serum and I have to say, it's amazing. I wear it UNDER my foundation and my skin feels hydrated all day and my foundation doesn't wear off. Great product!!