All Natural Detox Deodorant

All Natural Detox Deodorant

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Our deodorants are made with organic coconut oil for antibacterial properties, organic butters that nourish and moisturize underarms, and arrowroot powder to absorb moisture and draw toxins out of your skin.

The rich scent can stick around all day.
Approx 3.10 oz deodorant
**This product is not an antiperspirant. It is an antimicrobial deodorant that keeps you from getting smelly. Body odor is not caused by your sweat, it is caused by the bacteria that hangs out in your armpits. You get smelly when bacteria starts to metabolize with sweat. No bacteria means no stinky!!

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Happy pits!

Love this all natural deodorant. Allows the body to perspire, which is very natural and good for your body. All the fragrances are great. It is very economic, one swipe under each arm and you are done. As we age, bathing every day is not an option, it is bad for aging skin. Wash what needs to be washed and this deodorant will still be great the next day.


Best Deodorant

I give this deodorant 5 STARS!!!! And it REALLY works

Doug & Charlene Elliott


When I first tried this deodorant I honestly was skeptical about how effective it was going to be. Boy was I pleasantly surprised! Once your body adjusts to the non-chemical ingredients it works great, and now that my body has adjusted to it if I go back to a harsh chemical antiperspirant I actually sweat more. I have tried the Yogi Pits, discontinued scent I think :( , Lavender, & Citrus Bliss scents & love them all. I have given this to girlfriends for gifts (along with other OFP products), and all have come back to ask me where I got it from because they love it so much. As another reviewer said this is by far the best all natural deodorant I have used. Try it!!


Happy Pits!

After trying MANY different deodorants and antiperspirants, none of which every worked properly, left residues, and are filled with chemicals that irritated the skin, I tried Old Fashioned Polly's "PITS", half expecting it not to work, to my very pleasant surprise, it works!!!! I work out at least 4 times per week and NEVER deal with smelly gym pits!! ( I seriously want to start handing out samples at my local gym!) I've experienced NO irritation, even after shaving. I have experienced light scent, even later in teh day. Make the switch, for you own body and the noses of those around you!

Lisa A

One of My Favorites :)

This is the product that initially drew me into the OFP Farms brand. After doing a lot of research I was ready to get rid of all of those bad chemicals from your traditional Antiperspirants. If it is possible to love a product for your underarms, then this is it! I absolutely love all of the scents, in fact I find myself reapplying throughout the day just because I want more of that glorious smell! I keep a spare in my purse so that I am always prepared. Looking forward to running out of my current scent so I can try the next one! :)